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I help people to create change in the world while embracing all aspects of who they are. They come to coaching to more fully integrate the multiple dimensions of their lives or to move more deeply into one of their passions.

Maybe you're a nonprofit leader working on a book while developing a spiritual practice. Maybe you want to deepen your connections with your children while starting a mission-driven business. Maybe you're considering leaving a job to be a full-time artist and you want to integrate activism into your art and your everyday life.  

Whoever they are, my clients are interested in creating profound change in the world while being their true selves and pursuing the dreams that are in their hearts. My clients are at the edge of a new and beautiful phase of their lives and would like support to take their next steps. 



I am honored to support all compassionate people who desire to live more fully while creating a better world. But I seek out fellow women of color in particular.


Why? Because of the inequity that we experience and the histories of oppression that we carry, we may feel internal and/or external pressure to be a certain way in order to survive, to take care of our communities, or to prove that we are worthy. Maybe we have been mistreated or undervalued or marginalized. Maybe we have, and/or grew up with, fewer financial resources than our white peers. 


So maybe we believe that a certain life is all that is possible for us or all that we deserve—and maybe we live in a way that isn't who we are or what we really want. Maybe we feel like something is missing. Maybe we're exhausted. 


My wish for us is that we live as our full selves and create lives that bring us joy. If we do that, I believe that we really can change the world.

Mountain Road


As your coach, I know that you are a hero, whole and complete, with an incredible contribution to make to the world.

I create a space where you can access your own wisdom and see clearly who you really are, what you want out of life, and how to achieve it.


I provide tools and teach skills that you can use (with me or without me) to move past the stopping points you will inevitably encounter on the way to reaching your goals.


I support you to show up in a way that you are proud of—as the hero you truly are—in the face of the challenges of life.

I will be by your side no matter what as you courageously walk your hero's journey. 

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